Ruby 24009

Ruby 24009

Ruby is a great dog who awaits your guidance.


ID 24009 
Red Smooth Spayed Female
8 years old
16 lbs 
Adoption Fee $200 
Located in Central PA   

For the first eight years of Ruby’s life, she was the queen of her household. However, when her parents recently had a baby, Ruby did not adapt well to having this tiny person in her house. Ruby’s parents made the difficult decision to surrender Ruby to Coast to Coast Dachshund Rescue so we could find “the best home” for her.

Ruby is a stubborn Dachshund with a serious side, believing there is a proper way for a dog to behave. She is very sweet, fully house trained, walks well on a leash, loves her toys, and prefers being with her human (without having separation anxiety).

Unlike some dachshunds, Ruby enjoys her crate. It's a safe place for her where she is permitted to hoard her toys. It's a safe place where she sleeps at night (without any protest) and where she goes when the foster family leaves the home.

Ruby’s foster family has reverted back to basic training to address some idiosyncrasies and past negative behavior. Ruby has been responding well but she’s still a work in progress. Ruby lacks self-esteem and she has OCD, which causes her to carry her toys around like a security blanket. Building Ruby's self-esteem will show more confidence on Ruby's part and allow her less dependence on a security blanket.

Ruby has learned to meet dogs and people with grace and confidence, but this training will need to continue if she is to retain her newly gained social skills. This again works on self-esteem building, as mentioned above. She has met dogs of all sizes, along with teenagers and adults (both male and female). From these meetings with people, it appears that her preference leans towards males.

Ruby previously lived with one larger dog and is currently with two dogs of similar size. We think Ruby might do best as an only dog or perhaps with one other dog. The second dog would have to be a confident, secure, well-adjusted dog, although the size of the second dog seems irrelevant.

Ruby has a high prey drive. Because of this, Ruby cannot go to a home with small animals such as cats, bunnies, birds, etc. Because Ruby was surrendered due to difficulty adjusting to a new baby, we do not recommend Ruby be adopted by a family with young children.

Ruby would make a great new addition to the right family. It has taken Ruby 8 years to develop into the lady she has become and her change is not going to happen overnight. Ruby has been with her foster family since Mother’s Day. In that time, Ruby has started to blossom into a more confident, secure dog. Her new home should be willing to continue with this work.

If you are an experienced dachshund owner who understands that Ruby will need continued guidance to further her development, please fill out an application. Ruby is being fostered near Harrisburg, PA. You will need to live a reasonable driving distance from Harrisburg for Ruby to join us on your home visit.

Ruby 24009

Ruby is a gem, waiting to be discovered!