Questions & Answers

It is always a very difficult decision when having to surrender a dog. CCDR understands there are many reasons why this has to happen so we are here to help.

Go to the "Contact" link in the menu bar and click it to display the page "Do you need to surrender a Dachshund."
Coast to Coast Dachshund Rescue is a nationwide Dachshund rescue organization but not every state has representatives. If you are looking for a representative close to you, go to our "Contact" link in the menu bar or use the drop down option at the Contact link to find a representative near you.
We encourage adopters to adopt closer to them since so many shelters and rescues are overpopulated with dogs needing homes. But, if a dog you wish to pursue is in another state, it is up to you as the adopter to cover all expenses for transportation. We do not put dogs in cargo on planes so you'd have to fly to the foster home and take your dog back in the cabin. Or, you'd have to drive to the foster home to pick up your dog. Some foster homes can offer to meet you, but as the adopter, expect to do the majority of the travel. Should you find a transport to bring your dog closer to you, you'd have to make arrangements with that transport and cover any cost yourself. You'll also have to pay for a health certificate for your dog to travel.