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About the Dachshund

The Dachshund, developed in Germany three centuries ago, is a perfect example of form following function. With his long, low body, prominent forechest and front legs designed for digging, the dachshund is well equipped for going underground to hunt badger and other den-dwelling animals. A versatile hunter, he has the instincts and intelligence to excel in conformation, earthdog, obedience, agility and tracking events. The clever, affectionate dachshund is an entertaining and devoted pet. The three Varieties - Longhaired, Smooth, and Wirehaired - compete separately in the show ring. Within each variety (coat type) the two sizes, miniature (11 lbs and under at 12 months old) and standard, are shown together. There is a vast difference between a minature and a standard size wise. For those who have not seen what the true standard looks like in person, many people mistankingly state that an oversize miniature (called a tweenie) is a standard. They are not. They are oversized miniatures and lack the structure and conformation of a true standard. 

The miniature and the standard should be identical in conformation, the only exception being size. 

Standard Red Smooth

Miniature Red Smooth

Standard Red Longhaired (black overlay)

Miniature Red Longhaired

Standard Wild Boar Wirehaired

Miniature Red Wirehaired

The Dachshund is very versatile and enjoys a number of sports 


Dachshunds have been extremely popular in the show ring and since they are always in the top 10 of AKC registered dogs, their popularity is everywhere.


Dachshunds are very good at obedience and are often get very high scores. They're smart enough though to get you to think otherwise.


Don't underestimate the dachshunds ability to do agility. Have you ever seen them run, jump, jump over things? They are very athletic if trained carefully. 


Earthdog/go-to-ground, is a "natural" sport. The dachshund was bred for digging and hunting and these trials are the sport that makes them happy.


Tracking for items or tracking for game, both are using their natural instincts and they love it. Deer/blood trailing is a very developed sport these dogs do.