Gretel 24002

Gretel 24002

A Dachshund "wanna be" but no, there is no Dachshund in her! Gretel will need a special owner.


ID 24004
Papillon mix
2.+ years old - Birthday 6/16/2022
11.6 lbs
Adoption Fee $350
Located in TN

Gretel will need a very special person and home.

Gretel and her brother Hansel were surrender to a County Animal Shelter in November of 2022 when their owner went into assisted living. The shelter, and 2 shelter veterinarians, thought the two siblings were dachshund mixes. Hansel and Gretel experienced trauma before entering the shelter and never develop important social skills as puppies. Both had a strong fear of humans and their surroundings. Because of their dependency upon each other, a decision was made to separate them in hopes they would become more independent apart from each other. Hansel went to another rescue - who later did DNA testing on Hansel. 

DNA results were as follows: 70% Papillon, 13% Chihuahua, 9% Toy Poodle, 7% Beagle, and 1% Toy Spaniel - no dachshund at all.

Gretel has remained in foster care with CCDR and her foster home has worked with her on her social development. Gretel has made many positive adjustments, but still remains fearful of humans. Gretel is a very happy girl who is very playful with her canine siblings, she's just afraid of people. She is both house and pee pad trained. She will walk well on a leash. But, Gretel has a voice and she uses it - meaning she barks a lot. She will only come close enough to you to touch the end of your finger, then darts away. Gretel has learned to go to her dog bed where you can carefully pick her up. She still trembles and responds like she expects to be mishandled. Gretel will lay on the couch with you, but you have to keep one hand on her or she tries to escape. It takes Gretel about 30 minutes to relax enough for her trembling to stop. Gretel may, or may not, make small steps towards more socialization with humans. She gets along well with both male and female dogs, but has a stronger attachment to male dogs.

Gretel would do best in an adult only home due to her fear of humans. She will need a home with someone experienced in working with dogs lacking socialization skills. Her forever home would also need to be accepting of her barking. Gretel would benefit in a home where she could experience outings and new experiences to help bring her out of her shell. Since she enjoys playtime, a home with another playful dog would be good for Gretel.

Gretel's beautiful silky coat is easy maintenance - a simple combing once in awhile keeps her coat tangle free.

Gretel 24002

Will you be the special person who will work with me?