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In rescue we see a lot and are asked to help dogs from all over. It is very hard to turn a dog away, so we don't! We know the young, healthy dogs will go fast but the ones that tug at your heart are the seniors or those that need on-going medical care. Unfortunately, many of them stay in foster care for a long time or permanently. 

Here is a chance to help a dog and, help CCDR. Sponsor a Buddy dog! We always appreciate the help.

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Our Buddy Dogs - These are dogs who are seniors or due to health will be in long term foster care


Age when brought into CCDR: 10 years

Kind and unassuming, Schotts gets along with his adopted sister and other dogs very well. Schotts is totally blind and suffered from being burned over half of his back, only the scar and lack of hair stays as a reminder of his past. He is content in life and is very easy going, easy to live with and loves his foster Mom. Would you like to have Schotts as your buddy?

Help sponsor Schotts



Age when brought in to CCDR: 4 months

Ozzie came in to CCDR when it was determined he had a neurological issue disabling him from walking normally. Ozzie is loving and loves to give kisses. Even though he has a difficult time walking he acts as if nothing is wrong at all. He is happy and just adorable even if he is neurologically challanged. He is in permanent foster care as a result but that's okay. He is happy and very much loved by his foster home and receives any medical attention he needs to keep him happy and healthy.

Would you like to be a buddy of Ozzie? He'd love to know he has a friend!



Age when brought in to CCDR: 

Year brought in to CCDR: 2014

Coco is another challanged dog that will keep her in permanent foster care. Coco was born with a neurological problem as well and needs special attention. She is loving and tries hard to walk but has a difficult time doing so. She is very much doted on by her foster home and knows she is loved. 

Would you like to be a buddy to Coco?