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Beowulf "Beo" (Bay-Oh)


Age: 8

Weight: 14 lbs

Adoption Fee: $200

ID# 23005

Mixed breed but mostly Chihuahua

Best for individual or small family


This little cutie arrived in time to spend the holidays with CCDR. Meet Beowulf! With such a big name for a little dog, he responds to Beo (BAY-oh).

Beo was an owner surrender who was loved by his dad (and grandma) for the past 8 years, but as their family grew, Beo couldn't stay (for NO fault of his own). And that's why rescues exist, to help dogs like Beo find another loving family to call their own, furever.

Beo's first few days with CCDR have been quite busy. We were lucky enough to not only get an appointment with his former vet for an initial checkup, but they also had an opening for a dental cleaning two days later. We don't believe that Beo ever had his teeth professionally cleaned, so he had a lot of build-up on his teeth, and his bottom front incisors were pulled since they were already loose. Beo did very well during his two vet visits and he was friendly with every person and dog he met along the way.

Beo was described to us as being "affectionate, house and crate trained...great with other dogs, children and strangers" and he is living up to that description. He is quiet and polite and has a cute little whine that he uses to ask for something.

Beo was previously an only dog, but he did well with meeting his two new foster siblings. Although there hasn't yet been any communal snuggling, the dogs are all getting along. Since Beo was previously accustomed to high-rise apartment living, he is really enjoying being off-leash in his foster family's fenced yard. He likes exploring and prancing around and enjoys running with a tennis ball (he needs to work on the fetch and bring back part).

Beo likes lots of attention and wants to always be with his person and will follow you everywhere, but he sits and politely waits if you go out of sight. He gets a little antsy, at first, in the car and alone in his crate, but he does settle in and enjoys the view or takes a nap.

Beo is obviously a mix. We're not sure how much Dachshund might be inside this little (14 pound) Chihuahua, but whatever the composure of his genetics, he sure is adorable and well-behaved! Beo will certainly be a devoted companion to an individual or small family.

Since we have just started getting to know Beo, he will not be available for adoption until the new year. We already have some applications to consider for Beo, but if you think he could be a match for your family, you can fill out an application here 

Beo is being fostered in York, PA and his current vet is in Ellicott City, MD. If you're local to that central- southern PA/northern MD area, Beo will be able to join the home visit for potential applicants.

For more information please contact: Sharon at

Adopting a dog and giving it a wonderful home is one of the most rewarding things you will do. That dog will repay you over and over with love, entertainment and loyalty. There are too many dogs in the shelters that need homes and by giving one of our dachshunds a home, one less dog will be homeless.

We are still experiencing issues and availabitly with COVID related situations but, it IS GETTING BETTER! Our available dogs has been limited due to availability and transporting. Below is our public announcement about COVID but we are relaxing a bit so hopefully things will be over soon and we can get back to normal.

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