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Age: 8 (ish)

Weight: 17lbs.

Foster ID 23003

Chocolate/Tan Dapple Smooth

Millie was previously owned by someone, but they had to give her up. *Ideally* Millie prefers to be the only dog in a home as she prefers to be the only potato on your couch and wants to enjoy all the love and attention you can give her. She gets along with other dogs but she tends to do her own thing when other dogs are getting attention. She does exceptionally well with the dogs in her foster home whereas when first brought into foster care, she didn’t like other dogs and let her foster Mom know that, but, in fairness, she never had other dogs around her. She was an only dog and it is suspected her previous home life created the issue but, now that she is in foster care, she is great with other dogs even though she did not welcome the attention of the other dogs in the household originally. Millie has since gotten past that and has become one of the pack.  She doesn't really play with the other dogs, or with toys, but she lays in the beds with them and follows them around.  She hasn't had any issues with any of them for some time now and has a favorite “roomie” who she lets groom her a lot.          


The foster home hasn’t introduced her to children so she doesn’t know how she is with them, but, based on the foster Mom saying she can be a little touchy if she’s eating a treat or chew bone, she feels she may not be a good candidate for a home with younger children or young children visiting often. She has great qualities, but she will do better in an adult only home.


Millie is a sun goddess and always in a sunbeam, in front of a heater, or having a good roll in the grass outside enjoying the warmth of the sun. Millie loves to be picked up and cuddled like a baby and will give you lots of kisses and she will cuddle with you on the couch if she the only dog. If the other dogs join, Millie will jump down and go to a bed. This is why the foster Mom thinks she would do best as an only dog where she gets all the attention.  But, if you do have another dog, don't rule her out because once she knows them, she’s fine with other dogs.


Millie has 2 modes. At times she quiet and laid back. At other times she quick and energetic - especially when it's time to go outside, treat time, or when the foster Mom first gets out of bed where Millie gets very excited to greet her.


Since being in foster care, she really has become a very sweet and loving dog and has changed her outlook on people and life since leaving her old living situation.


The foster Mom free feeds and she does well with the other dogs at the dog bowl - sometimes eating out of the same bowl with them. She waits her turn at treat time but isn't interested in sharing her treats. She eats dry Diamond Naturals but her foster Mom also makes a homemade dog food that they all get each day.  Millie tends to gain weight naturally, so watching her diet would be a good idea.


Millie will talk to you and is good at sitting up when she wants something. Millie can be a little stubborn at times especially when outside on a potty break and she doesn't want to come in because she's too busy rolling in the grass, soaking up the sun, or smelling all the smells. Millie walks well on a leash when taken places. The foster Mom took Millie and her other dogs to a local small-town festival. All were on leashes and Millie was great with the attention she got from the people who wanted to stop and pet the foster Mom’s Dachshunds. Therefore, Millie would be great if you want to take her places. She loves short hikes too. Her foster Mom took her to a national park for a short hike and she loved it.


Health: Her health is great. She does have to have her weight watched but last year she had a dental and when she was spayed, had a small mammary tumor removed. It was biopsied and was negative, but any time a tumor is removed you’ll always want to watch for any new development. Having been spayed, the possibility would decrease.

Millie is house-trained and will also use a pee pad if provided. She rarely has an accident.

Millie does show signs of a slight anxiety to thunderstorms. She senses them and wants to be held in your lap.

Millies’ adoption fee is $200.00

If you are interested in Millie you must fill out an adoption application first. Please go to:

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Adopting a dog and giving it a wonderful home is one of the most rewarding things you will do. That dog will repay you over and over with love, entertainment and loyalty. There are too many dogs in the shelters that need homes and by giving one of our dachshunds a home, one less dog will be homeless.

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