Autumn 24001

Autumn 24001

Meet Autumn whose full name is Autumns Lisa Jane! Located in TN


ID 24001
Miniature Chocolate/Tan Smooth Piebald Dachshund
4.+ years old - Birthday 1/25/2020
15 lbs
Adoption Fee $300
Located in TN

Autumn is a registered breeder/puppy mill dog that was taken into a County Animal Shelter when the breeder no longer needed her for breeding. Autumn was so terrified at the shelter, the shelter put her on Prozac and other medications to help with her anxiety. Autumn was an escape risk and did get loose once at the shelter. Autumn had no socialization while used for breeding and missed out on many developmental stages along the way and still demonstrates a fight or flight tendency. Autumn never experienced grass until she came into foster care and fought a leash doing many flips and rolls when taken outside. 

Autumn's foster home has worked very hard to earn her trust and has made many strides in doing so. It will take time for her to realize life outside of a cages is good. Autumn now enjoys going outdoors and currently does well on a leash, but you have to corner and catch her first before you can take her out. Since she has recently become leash trained, she is working on her potty training. She will potty outdoors when you take her out, but still had accidents indoors. Potty training is still a work in progress, but the foster Mom has faith she will get there. If she were put in a fenced yard, you probably wouldn't be able to catch her so it is highly suggested having her on a leash when she is taken outdoors for now. This is an on-going training situation that requires dedication and time.

Autumn has a very gentle sweet nature and is very smart. Her foster Mom suggests a quiet, adult only home since she is still getting use to people and developing social skills.

One of the social skills Autumn had done well with is fitting in with the other 4 dogs in the foster home. She interacts and plays well with them. She also eats and sleeps with the other dogs and has no aggression issues. Autumn never had toys so missed out on puppy fun, and due to her not feeling secure within herself, has not played with toys.

Autumn seldom makes eye contact with you but when she knows you are looking at, or talking to her, she runs the other way. In order to catch her the foster Mom has to block off areas in the house where she'll then run to the foyer where can then be caught. Unfortunately she goes into a panic mode, flattens to the ground and has an accident while picking her up. Her feet also go a hundred miles a minute as she is being picked up because she's trying to escape. Once attached to a leash, se calms down and is ready to go outside. Sadly this is the case with many puppy mill/caged breeder dogs. They have never had any love, attention or one-on-one interaction to learn social skills or have a normal upbringing.

You can put Autumn on your lap while watching TV but, she freezes and avoids eye contact. The good thing is she will start to relax after about 30 minutes but then starts to pant. This is stress related.

Autumn would do best in a home with other dogs where she could observe calm behavior and learn interaction and socialize with them. Autumn will need a very special person who understands dog behavior and also understands Dachshunds. They should have experience in handling dogs like Autumn to help her adjust and understand that time is very important to allow Autumn to learn there is a good life, but, on her timeline. This cannot be pushed so a calm, understanding person who allows her to come around slowly and with understanding is the home she will do best in. In time she could be exposed to different environments - like walks, car rides, even taking her along on trips. Autumn's foster Mom feels she will eventually adjust since she's shown progress while being in foster care, but, it will take time and an understanding person to allow her to blossom.

Autumn is a wonderful dog that needs time, attention and lots of love.

Autumn 24001

I really am a good girl. I just need a special person.