Adoption Information

Our Adoption Process

Why we have an adoption fee 
The cost of taking in a rescue dachshund by CCDR, having a full veterinary exam done for each, making sure they are up to date on all their vaccines and rabies, spaying and neutering, dentals, if needed, and any other medical treatment necessary always exceeds the adoption fee that CCDR receives for them. Vetting fees have skyrocketed in the past few years and we've tried to keep our adoption fees very affordable, but, it's hard. The modest fees we charge are never close to what cost we've put into that dog to make them ready for adoption. This is why CCDR depends on the donations of the public and fundraisers to enable us to help those dogs in need and to help re-home Dachshunds and Dachshund mixes and continue to do the work we do. By adopting, you are helping our dogs get a second chance at a new home and the love they deserve.

Adoption Fees for Purebred and Dachshund Mixes
Under 1 year - $400 + $100 alter deposit*
1 year but younger than 4 years - $350
4 years but younger than 8 years - $300
8 years and over - $200
Special needs - $200

When you adopt, you are getting a dog who has had:
  • Full veterinary health check
  • Fecal done and if there are parasites, they are treated
  • Brought current on all vaccinations and rabies
  • Spayed or neutered
  • Dental if needed
  • HW tested and treated if necessary
  • Medical issues treated when we are aware of them
Here are some examples of how much we spend in vetting costs
  • Exams can range from $50 to $300
  • Bringing dogs up-to-date on vaccines can range from $40 to $90
  • Dentals can range from $300 to $900+ (and over depending on severity)
  • Spay/Neuters range from $200 to $600
  • Surgery can be anywhere from $300 to $5000
  • X-rays can range from $150 to $400
  • Bloodwork can range from $80 to $300
  • Heartworm tests can range from $45 to $65
  • Fecal Tests can range from $25 to $50
  • ER Exams can range from $75 to $200
Please remember that regardless of whether you are adopting a purebred dachshund or a dachshund mix, the vetting costs are still the same. You're paying much less for a dog who has received all of its vetting, dental (if needed), altering, vaccinations and any other condition, than you would if you bought a dog and had to do the vetting yourself.

If you are adopting a dog that is to go on a transport, a health certificate is required. The cost of the health certificate will be an additional cost to the adopter.

*Puppies too young to alter prior to going to their permanent home will require an additional $100 spay/neuter deposit in addition to their puppy fee making the full fee at the time of pickup $500. Puppies will be adopted with a spay/neuter agreement and once the puppy is altered by your vet and we receive confirmation from the vet, the $100 additional deposit will be refunded. We do follow up with the veterinarian.

(The application is below)
The Adoption Process

Step one: You must be 21 or older to adopt.
  • Review the dogs on the Available Dogs page and see if there is a dog that would fit your family well. You can email the address in the bio to see if the dog is still available.
  • Fill out an adoption application

Step two:
  • Your application will be forwarded to the representative who has the dog you are interested in and they will email you an acknowledgement.
  • Your application will be processed so make sure you contact your references and landlord (if renting) to give them permission to speak to us.
  • The representative will call and have a phone interview with you to find out more details and to make sure the dog you are interested in would be a good fit for you.
  • If the reference checks and phone interview go well, you will be required to have a home visit done.
We process each application, but please keep in mind that most dogs have multiple applications submitted so someone else may have put an application in before you, been approved and the dog you are interested in may be spoken for.

Step three:
  • If you are approved for the dog you want, your representative will discuss with you the procedure to get the dog. Most dogs are placed locally and the arrangements are made between the member and the adopter to pick up their dog. Should a dog be in a different state, it is preferable if the dog is picked up personally by the new owner. If this is not possible and the member feels your out-of-state home is an excellent choice for the dog, and a safe transport can be arranged, it is up to the applicant to cover all expenses it may take to get the dog to them. Professional transports have a set fee, if one is available, but you can discuss with the member if a volunteer transport can be arranged. Keep in mind, volunteer transports are difficult to arrange and often do not go to states too far from where the dog is located. In the case of a long-distance transport, please make sure when speaking to your representative that you have asked all of the questions necessary to make sure this dog will be a good fit. Dogs going on transport must have the contract and fees (adoption fee and a health certificate fee) completed and fees received by CCDR prior to the dog being put on a transport. We will not transport any dog until all paperwork is received back from the adopter along with the adoption fee and the cost of the health certificate. Adopters pay for health certificates. Dogs being picked up from the representative by the adopter will sign the contract and pay the fee at the time of pickup.
If the dog is picked up locally or is put on a transport and the dog doesn't work out, it is up to the adopter to get the dog back to the representative at the adopter's expense so please, make sure you ask the representative everything you feel is important so you are sure this dog will be a good fit.

Step four:
  • In the case that you meet the representative with the dog, you will be asked to sign our contract and give a check or money order to the representative. We do not accept cash. The representative will give you a copy of the contract, all vetting information and any other information or items that goes with the dog. If we have to get a health certificate for your dog, the cost of the health certificate will be paid by the adopter and added to the adoption fee.

Conditions for returning the dog/Refund: The adopter has a one week trial period to determine whether the dog will work out in the home. If the dog does not work out and needs to be returned within the first week, the adopter will receive a full refund. Your representative will be in touch with you frequently for the first week to make sure things are going well. If there are issues with the dog during this first week let your representative know exactly what the concerns are. If there is a problem, and you wish to see if the dog will adjust, you must let the member you adopted the dog from know the issues or concerns during this first week so they can ask for an extension on the trial period should you ask for one. We understand not all dogs adjust quickly so if an extension is granted and it still doesn't work out, you will receive a refund. If you decide not to keep the dog down the road, remember, you signed a contract so at no time may you give the dog to anyone or take it to a shelter. The dog must be returned to CCDR. If a relative wishes to keep the dog, you must let us know.

Puppies who are too young to alter prior to being adopted
CCDR is very firm on altering a puppy when it is old enough and safe enough to do so. CCDR does not approve of juvenile alters in puppies where they are altered at 6-8 weeks but prefer a pup to be older before being altered. A puppy who is too young to alter prior to adoption will have a $100.00 deposit fee on top of their adoption fee. Puppies must be altered by the time noted on the contract and you will be asked to sign the contract agreeing to do so. If you do not alter the pup as agreed, it is in violation of the contract and CCDR retains the right to exercise their right to retrieve the puppy. At the time you sign the contract you will be given the paperwork for altering your puppy along with the forms the veterinarian fills out to verify the alter was done. Once the alter is done and verified, you will receive your $100 deposit back.

If you'd like to adopt from us, please fill out the application below or go to the application directly in your browser. ADOPTION APPLICATION