Coast to Coast Dachshund Rescue

Happy Endings - Our great success stories

We are fortunate that our dogs end up with wonderful homes but that's because we're dedicated to helping "all" dogs, regardless of whether they are healthy or need medical help. 

Below are some of our happy endings. Their world has changed because we were able to help them! 

Because our vetting costs are so high, we truly appreciate any donation you can give and believe us, no amount is too small! We appeciate EVERY donation and thank those who help to keep our mission going. To donate, go to our Donate button or click here.


When Charlie came into rescue, he had glaucoma so bad he had to have his eyes removed. This hasn't stopped Charlie! Charlie is loving life with his brother and you'd never know he was blind. He hides his toys, plays chase and lives every day to the max! Definitely a happy ending for Charlie!!!n Thank you to his foster Mom Beth!


When Scooter came into foster care with Coast to Coast Dachshund Rescue he had numerous health issues. Scooter had severe dental disease and needed a dental but he also needed back surgery. Scooter does use a cart, but he is happy and full of life. Go Scooter and thank you to his foster Mom, Beth.

Molly and Merry

These two girls came from a shelter where they had been turned in. Both were emaciated, depressed and ill. They were treated and began to thrive in foster care once they had good food, love and warmth. Their personalities blossomed and even though Molly is sight challenged, she leads the way for her sister. 

They have found their forever home with a wonderful family who adores them and their foster Mom and CCDR couldn't be happier.

Thank you for giving two great girls a loving home and for overlooking their handicaps that go along with being double dapple.